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DesCor Builders


"We have worked with Southwest Grading since our inception, on some of our largest projects, with excellent results. We have found them to be professional and team players who provide high quality work."  Brad Des Jardin, President, DesCor Builders.


"I have worked with Southwest Grading on several jobs over the years. I can always count on Glen, Derrick and the crews to be there when I need them, get the work done in a timely manner and do quality work. I am looking forward to working with them again soon." Ed James, Superintendent, DesCor Builders.




Facilities Development Corp


From: Bruce Bromley
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 6:50 PM
To: Derrick Wilkins;
Cc: Dave Kincaid; jjstroudley; Eric Jenssen; Vince Van Dyke; Mike Pirinoli; Gordon Kirkland; 'Ron Skaggs'
Subject: New Substation


I want to thank you for your work today jumping on the new substation as quickly as you all did.  Within hours of my meeting with Ron Skaggs from Condor you guys stripped the top 3 inches of soil and got it ready to disk in the morning.  This puts us on track to have a place to put the excavation from storm Basin I directly over there to begin building the pad subgrade for the new substation.  I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to work with a group such as yours who is willing to jump right in and get it done as you have all been so willing to do.  My congratulations once again on a job well done!!!



Bruce Bromley Superintendent

Sutter Home Winery Project

18667  Jacob Brack Road

Lodi, CA 95242

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