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   Southwest Grading and Paving was started in Arizona by Glenn & Mary Meyers. Glenn came to the Sacramento Valley area in the mid 80's with a couple of WalMart contracts. From there he began working for several General Contractors such as SD Deacon, USA Properties Fund, and DesCor Builders, to name a few, building Southwest Grading's reputation as the reliable and honest company we are.



 ​Past and Future


   I met Glenn in early 2006 as an aspiring Civil Engineering student. I was in the process of preparing to move to Austin, TX. to complete my education as a full time student. Glenn made a big impression on me. I took a chance, changed my plans and started working for Southwest Grading. I continued my education part time wile assisting with bids and learning the business. Eventually I advanced to the Chief Estimator and worked from there into Project Manager.  Working here with such a great owner I eventually lost my desire to become an Engineer and focused on working in the General Engineering Construction field.

   I am now the President and Qualifying License holder for Southwest Grading Inc. My focus moving forward is the same as when Glenn Meyers lead our team. We will continue to work as a small family run company whos employees and management work together with our clients to solve problems and beat schedules. Our company focus will remain the same. To be recognized as one of the best Contractors to work with and be respected by Owners, General Contractors and Competitors for our work.

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